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Our company specializes in international transport and freight forwarding services. We carry loads within the territory of all the European Union countries as well as the countries outside the EU.

We have a modern car fleet (truck tractors with 13.6 m long tilt trailers with a capacity of 3.5 to 24 tonnes) including Renault, VOLVO FH 440 Euro 5 Scania R 420. The semi-trailers are equipped with fastening ropes and a set of belts to protect the loads, non-slip mats.We have a standard type of semi-trailers, refrigerators, a 120m3 set, Mega with a raisable roof and Mulde intended for steel transport.

All vehicles have fully comprehensive insurance (OC, NW, AC and OCP). We work in accordance with the Convention on Contracts for International Carriage of Goods and Services by applying the TIR Carnet. We are the participants of the following transport exchanges: „TimoCom"(nr ID: 095575) and „TRANS"(nr ID: 86906).

The drivers are professionals who can carry out tasks safely and on time. We can guarantee high-quality services and timely delivery of orders thanks to the fact that we have a 24-hour telephone contact with the drivers and the Global Positioning System - GPS.

We work with many transport and freight forwarding companies. Our vehicles are ready for loading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We hope that you will become interested in our offer so that we can establish a mutually advantageous cooperation. We will be obliged to you for considering our offer and entrusting us with transport or transport & storage service.